Homeopathic remedies can help with candy overload

Homeopathic remedies can help with candy overload

As dusk is coming and the trick or treaters go out in force, time to take a quick look at some homeopathic remedies that can help if someone in your family gets carried away and eats too many sweets. All of these are in the Deluxe kit.






Pains in the abdomen, generally worse on the left side, sometimes extending into the stomach, chest and back, with obstructed respiration, nausea and anxiety. Worse at night time better for bending forwards.

Arg nit Strong craving for sugar, but it disagrees leading to anxiety and diarrhea.

Sugar causes bloating of the abdomen. Colicky, griping pains in one or both sides of abdomen. Flatulent colic, especially at night. Feels as if the intestines are going to burst. The flatulence may also press on the bladder.

Nausea after sweets. Face may be red and pupils dilated.

Extreme flatulence after sweets. Very uncomfortable, especially if clothing is too tight.

Merc viv
Desires sweets but feels worse almost immediately after eating them. Increased saliva, sometimes with nausea and metallic taste in the mouth.

Some preventative measures

Offer to buy back some, or all, of the candy.
Check to see if a local dentist has a similar offer.
Keep the least toxic candy, such as chocolate bars and ration them out over the coming weeks.
Remind kids to be especially thorough when brushing their teeth if they have been eating sweets.
Encourage them to drink water to reduce sugar spikes.
If they feel nauseous actively encourage them to throw up, if at all possible.

Happy Homeopathy and Happy Hallowe’en to all.

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