Jude Law in the movie Contagion

Homeopathy gets name checked in the new Hollywood movie “Contagion.” Jude Law plays Alan Krumwiede, a freelance web journalist, who gets the jump on a big news story. He is one of the first to realize the world is facing a deadly, fast spreading pandemic.  

Alan is highly suspicious of the motives of pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. When he himself falls sick he chooses an alternative route, dosing himself with a (fictitious) natural remedy called “Forsythia”on his vlog (video log). After making a rapid online recovery he begins to attract millions of hits, as people desperately try to get information and protect themselves from the virus, which is killing one in four people who contract it within days.

Alan claims “Forsythia” is natural and side effect-free, but he never specifically alludes to Homeopathy. However, at one point an exasperated official who is debating with him says the government would consider using a homeopathic remedy if it could be scientifically proven to work.

Although Alan is not presented as a particularly sympathetic character, profiting as he does from the surge in “Forsythia” sales (and sporting an additional snaggle tooth that does nothing for Jude Law’s natural good looks), nonetheless, he does come across as genuine in his beliefs. He takes personal risks to get his message out to the public and relentlessly exposes government double speak. At one dramatic high point he even catches a high-ranking government spokesman in an outright lie on live TV.

The film, like many recent documentaries captures the Zeitgeist of growing public mistrust of the F.D.A. and the C.D.C.’s cozy relationship with the pharmaceutical and food producing corporations they are supposed to oversee.

Homeopathy does have a long and distinguished history in pandemics and I will be posting more on this very soon, so please check back. Our Deluxe Kit has many excellent flu remedies. If you have used a homeopathic remedy successfully during a flu epidemic, or you have a question, please feel free to leave a comment.

Contagion part 2

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