Accident & Emergency Kit


+ Guide to Homeopathy for First Aid

Get back on track, fast.

Do you lead an active life? If you like to run, swim, bicycle, hike or just test your limits, you'll love the Emergency Kit. Because you know that even a simple injury can keep you on the sidelines and have implications for your future performance. The quicker you can get the help you need, the quicker you will recover.

That’s why it’s great to have your compact Emergency Kit with you at all times. It contains 18 high potency, side effect-free remedies that were selected specifically to get you back on track, in record time. It may also be your life saver when the going gets really tough.

All our kits come with free resources
including Mary Aspinwall's “Exploring Homeopathy” Course.

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Product Description

Your Emergency Kit + Guide to Homeopathy for First Aid

Inside Your Kit: 18 Homeopathic Remedies (in 200c potency) + Guide to Homeopathy for First Aid
Aconite, Apis, Arnica, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calendula, Cantharis, Carbo Veg, China, Gelsemium, Hypericum, Ignatia, Ipecac, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Silica.

Approximately 35 sucrose pillules in each glass vial. Each pillule = one dose. All our kits come with tamper-proof seals.
They are compact enough at 5½ x 4 x 1½ inches (14 x 10 x 3cm), to carry with you at all times.

Get Relief From: Bruises, Burns, Scalds, Bites, Stings, Sprains, Strains, Splinters, Wounds, Whiplash, Bleeding, Shock, Trauma, Distress, Fainting, Fractures, Concussion, Hypothermia, Chill, Sunburn, Heat stroke, Poisoning, Diarrhea, Allergic reactions and more

Selected Customer Review: “My 6 year old niece was climbing a ladder to reach a mezzanine. She fell backwards landing on her head on a concrete floor. She remained silent, no crying & motionless. We gave her Arnica 200c then called an ambulance. She started to respond but would again go silent, each time this happened we repeated the Arnica 200c, perhaps 6 times. I must say I am a fan of the 200c in an emergency. It took 1 hour to reach the hospital where she was given a full scan. The doctors were amazed at the lack of swelling or internal bleeding. There were no detectable signs of concussion and she made a full recovery.”
Nona Taylor

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