Homeopathy and Childbirth Preparation

Homeopathy can be an amazing ally in Childbirth. Take some time a couple of months before the birth to study homeopathy. Ask your birth partner or doula to do a course with you, if possible.

Get your Homeopathy Childbirth Kit at least 4 weeks before your due date in case you go into labor early or need to turn a breech or transverse position baby. The optimum time to take a remedy to do this is at 36 weeks.

Besides being homeopathically prepared there are lots of other things you can do to help you prepare for birth. Here is a quick summary of the Best Childbirth Advice I was given.


Before the birth


  • breathing
  • relaxation
  • visualisation
  • talking to the baby
  • birth positions
  • stretching
  • squatting
  • pelvic floor exercises

Attend a yoga class which puts emphasis on birth.

Buy “The Active Birth Book” by Janet Balaskas.

Attend ante-natal classes together with your birth partner.

In late pregnancy (but not before the sixth month), try drinking raspberry leaf tea, which reputedly tones up the uterine muscles.

Two / three weeks before your due date

Ask yourself “Would I be well-prepared for labour if it came tonight?”


Are you well-rested?

Many women experience a surge of energy shortly before labour, but getting too carried away with nesting can tire you out.

Have you eaten light, nutritious easily-digestible food, preferably early in the evening?

If you are having a home birth have you prepared the room and got everything you need? Burning lavender oil or putting it in your bath is very soothing during pre-labor and labor. Pick out some favorite pieces of music and make sure you have a way to play it. Have you considered hiring a birthing pool?

Is your vehicle reliable? Is your driver familiar with the quickest route? Have you made arrangements with friends or family to care for your other children? Do you have a Plan B if your first arrangement doesn’t work out? If you are going to hospital is your bag packed? Is your Homeopathy Kit in it?!

Do you have some nutritious home cooked meals in the freezer for the first two weeks after the birth? Great. Now all you have to do is wait expectantly, relax and BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE.

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