Homeopathy Top Ten Tips

  1. “Homeo” = similar and “pathy” = suffering. To be truly homeopathic a medicine has to be able to produce a similar pattern of suffering in a healthy person. Correct prescribing is what makes a medicine homeopathic. When the match is good the results are great, so find a good book to help you choose accurately. My personal favourite is Miranda Castro’s “The Complete Homeopathy Handbook”. (For the best value, consider a Homeopathy Trio Pack)
  1. Homeopathic medicine is diluted so there are no nasty side effects. The principle of less is more also applies to dosage. Remember to give just one dose and wait for an improvement. Only give a second dose if there was clear benefit and then later the same symptoms return.
  1. For home use generally stick to a 30c potency (strength). During childbirth or more extreme situations a 200c may be used.
  1. Homeopathy is easy to use at home. It is ideal for first aid situations and minor acute illnesses (such as coughs, colds, flu, food poisoning), but if you are frequently, persistently or chronically ill see a qualified homeopath for constitutional care.
  1. Because most people react in a predictable way to external injuries first aid situations are usually easier to prescribe for than acute illnesses, so start by treating injuries and the results you get will build up your confidence quickly.
  1. Arnica alone will change your life! It is a fabulous homeopathic remedy for physical trauma (from accidents to childbirth), shock, bruising, exhaustion, jet lag and much more.
  1. Calendula is Nature’s finest antiseptic, made from marigolds, it promotes rapid healing and prevents wounds from turning septic. Hypericum is the number one remedy for nerve damage or injury.  Keep Hypericum and Calendula cream on hand it’s wonderful for first aid.
  1. In first aid situations it is OK to use more than one medicine at a time, provided each one is needed. For acute illnesses give only one carefully selected homeopathic medicine and you can always change it later on, if the symptom picture alters during the illness.
  1. Your results will be better if you ask the person you are trying to help open-ended questions that produce detailed information (not just a yes or a no) and you observe them carefully before choosing the most similar remedy.
  1. Homeopathic kits are a less expensive way of building a comprehensive selection of medicines than buying each one individually. Kits are also less bulky and more convenient when you are on the move.

For training in Homeopathy go to Exploring Homeopathy. The first module is absolutely free.

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