Head lice – the solution is NOT a solution

A while ago, I told you about how my last run in with head lice meant tears before bedtime, tears of pure frustration. Mine. But then I found the answer and shared it with the whole of Ireland. Keep reading and I’ll share it with you, too…

Homeopathy is awesome, but when it comes to head lice you need something else too. An ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure.

No sex please we’re British

The Internet came to our rescue again when we found a charity based in Britain called Community Hygiene Concern. They are not a very sexy charity, concentrating exclusively as they do on head lice and dog mess, so they have to struggle to get any donations or money from public funds. Nevertheless, they were determined to introduce theconcept of ‘coitus interruptus’ to the world of the louse.

They had developed a set of five specially-designed, graded combs and a wet combing regimen using ordinary conditioner.This so-called Bug Busting* method was not only a very effective way of determining whether or not someone had lice, but was also an excellent way of getting rid of lice if they did.

Like all great ideas, it was beautifully simple

By Bug Busting* with these special combs four times every fourth day, you could actually break the lousy life cycle and stop the critters from breeding. The combs were so fine, they even removed the eggs and empty eggshells. I have yet to find a better version.

Connecting with my inner primate

Reader, I bought the Bug Busting kit*, followed the instructions (rare enough for me), and got combing. I felt like a big mama gorilla and really got into the grooming thing, but the moral dilemma remained. Of course, there was nothing to say that I had to kill those bugs once I’d combed them right outta her hair, but setting them free in the garden would just have meant a slow death from starvation. So I confess I just squished them on some tissue and threw them on the fire. I admire their powers of adaptation and feel they still have a good chance of inheriting the earth, but if I have to choose between a bunch of thirsty bloodsuckers and my beloved daughter … it is a no-brainer. So to cut a long bit of self-justifying rambling short, to my utter relief, the Bug Busting kit* actually did what it said on the box.

Connecting with my inner entrepreneur

I was so impressed I bought 1000 … that’s the kind of girl I am. I think it’s an inherited trait. When my grandfather died he left a legacy of hundreds of bristle toothbrushes. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time (just after World War II). Not wanting to leave a similar legacy, with the help of my techno whiz kid husband I did a mass mailing to every elementary school and health board in Ireland to tell them of our discovery, and soon after, we started mailing out the comb kits to desperate parents. They liked them. What’s not to like? They are cheap. One kit can treat loads of kids. Your kids don’t risk getting poisoned. The lice are history. The parents told their friends and parents’ associations. I started being invited to speak on regional and national radio shows, and we started to get big orders from health boards and schools who wanted to encourage simultaneous Bug Busting* efforts to cut down the risk of re-infestation.

Live and let die

That was all many moons and several thousand Bug Buster* kits ago. So now here I sit at my laptop … a mass murderer and that’s why I’m praying that next life I don’t come back as a Pediculus capitas.

*I no longer sell the Bug Buster kits. To find out more about Bug Busting and order your kit please go directly to CHC (Community Hygiene Concern)

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