homeopathy and the menopause

Homeopathy not only works wonders during times of hormonal transition, it’s also safe and side effect-free.

If I had to choose my top three homeopathic remedies for easing menopausal symptoms they would probably be Lachesis, Sepia and Pulsatilla, because all three of them have such a great affinity with the female hormonal system.

Suits women who always felt good once their periods got started and have never really felt 100% well since the menopause. There is a pent up kind of feeling that can lead them to express themselves in sharp, if witty, words. Those needing Lachesis are prone to severe hot flashes and sometimes have a burning sensation at the top of their heads. If they can perspire they will feel better for doing so. They hate tight clothing, especially around the neck. There may be a purplish hue to their faces. Emotionally they may fall prey to suspicion and jealousy. Often the worst time of day is on waking up.

This is for women who feel washed out and totally weak. Hot flashes lead to perspiration. Their hair is prone to falling around the time of menopause. Often their exhaustion leads them to want to escape from drudgery and family commitments, a la Shirley Valentine and if escape is not possible they will often be irritable with their nearest and dearest. The most difficult time is in the late afternoons.

Is another useful remedy for any major hormonal transition, including puberty, pregnancy and menopause. In the peri-menopausal phase menstrual problems may develop. Uterine pains may be a feature of the menopause. Pulsatilla works best for those who tend to be indecisive and love having emotional support and company. They enjoy fresh air. They seem to aggravate around the twilight hour.


Since hot flashes are extremely common during menopause it’s worth also looking at some homeopathic remedies that have a “hot” reputation.

Apis, made from the honey bee, is not surprisingly good for sudden severe flushes of heat.
Belladonnaa has hot flashes with profuse perspiration and a tendency to throbbing pains.
Phosphorus has hot flashes due to emotions, often brought on by being overly empathetic.
Sulphur has night sweats, and often insomnia, brought on by the heat of the bed.


If your hot flashes come with profuse perspiration dehydration remember that China is the number one remedy for weakness, and an over-sensitive nervous system, brought on by dehydration.


Aconite is helpful if hot flashes bring on terrible panic attacks and anxiety.
Ignatia may ease melancholia, depression and hysteria during menopause, think of this remedy if there is bereavement or a broken heart.
Nat mur helps those whose display of grief is less public. Useful for those who dwell on past upsets and weep privately.

To get the best results the remedy you choose should match your particular symptoms as accurately as possible. Take only one pill and wait to see if it helps. If it does help, but later the same symptoms return that is a signal to take a second pill.

If nothing you see here matches your experience, please don’t despair, a professional homeopath will be able to find a great match just for you from the many thousands of remedies we have in our Materia Medica. Here is a testimonial from a client who needed an unusual remedy that truly worked wonders:

“My hot flashes came on very suddenly. I was at the age where I was expecting them and thought it was something you just have to go through. I didn’t want to take drugs and then I had heard about Mary’s work. I had a session with her and lo and behold after taking the remedy I had just one more hot flash and absolutely none since. It was simple, painless and effortless. I don’t even think about hot flashes now. I am 100% satisfied and looking forward to even more improvements in my health. Now I am able to live my life without having to experience these things we are told we must endure. There is no need to suffer. Homeopathy really works.”
Sandy Johnson, Monticello, MN

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