Homeopathycan ease discomfort during radiation therapy.

Homeopathic remedies are very gentle and do not interfere with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. They are a perfect choice for those who are seeking an alternative to conventional “comfort medications.”

Success depends on individualizing and it’s vital to:

– Match the symptoms carefully to the best homeopathic medicine you can find

– Take one pill of 30c potency

– If you feel better don’t repeat unless the same symptoms return

Calendula 30c*, known for its ability to heal abrasions and wounds of the most superficial layers of the skin, is sold in topical ointments as well as pills. The pills can either be taken internally and/or dissolved in water and applied to a dressing for the wound.

Urtica urens 30c is ideal for superficial, first-degree burns that sting and/or itch. The area feels worse from heat and after bathing. It can also be taken internally or applied topically in the same way as Calendula (see above). Cantharis 30c* Burns that respond to Cantharis are of medium severity and may blister. They are raw and sore and feel better with a cold compress. The pains that respond to Cantharis are described as cutting, smarting, and burning.

Causticum 30c Known as a remedy for serious second- and third-degree burns, Causticum addresses the deeper layers of the skin. Burns that do not heal in a timely manner, or that are accompanied by symptoms throughout the body, may respond to Causticum. The burns may itch, crack, or ulcerate. The person feels better in warmth and worse from cold and wind, and the burn is likely to feel better when it is covered.

Hypericum 30c* The primary remedy for damage to nerves, Hypericum can ease side effects of radiation when they include shooting pains.

Radium bromatum 30c This is the most specific remedy for radiation burns. The remedy is in a micro dose making it safe to use. The skin may itch and burn; there may be swelling and even ulceration. If there is a systemic reaction, it is likely to include aching pains all over the body,with a sensation of heat. The person feels better from cool open air.

Remember an important aspect of Homeopathy is to switch to a different remedy if the symptoms change, to ensure the remedy continues to be a good match.

The remedies marked with * are included in our Deluxe Kit

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