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September is National Head Lice Awareness Month, nicely timed to coincide with the return to school, where head lice thrive!

Homeopathy is a great way to deal with head lice because it is non-toxic and side effect-free. Insecti-cide, herbi-cide, insecti-cide. Basically if it ends in “-cide” then something dies, often because it was poisoned!Here’s the low down on low cost, effective ways to say “Goodbye” to head lice forever.

Money, money, money

Head lice are big business! A recent study† estimated non-prescription sales of head lice products cost US consumers $350 million annually. Rid™ and Nix™ (whose pediculi-cides are based on Pyrethrum) average sales of $10 million each per year. Other reports say their turnover is even higher. Many families are discovering, to their cost, that the conventional kill-destroy approach is ineffective, expensive and potentially dangerous to their children.

When I was at homeopathy college I was told insects in general are less likely to bite you if you take Ledum* (true) and head lice could be successfully gotten rid of with a dose of the homeopathic remedy Staphisagria*. I duly tried out the latter theory, but it didn’t always work. Thereafter I always took a detailed case from the person with head lice and then prescribed the best homeopathic match I could find. This approach seemed to bring much better results, because it strengthened their constitution and helped them stay lice-free.

A couple of times in my practice, I came across children who had been dosed with conventional pesticide medicines so often that they seemed to have poisoning symptoms: lethargy, pallor, dark circles under the eyes, loss of appetite, nausea, and weakness. In one case, the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica* helped quite spectacularly. Remember for best results you need to match the remedy to the symptom picture carefully. Many homeopathic remedies are made from micro doses of poisons (which means they are safe). You should definitely consider homeopathic poison remedies if you think your child is unwell because you used poisonous lotions and treatments.

I felt uneasy to think that well-meaning parents were spending very large sums of money and were frequently dosing their kids with very toxic substances, Pyrethrum and Malathion (of DDT fame), often to a level way beyond manufacturer’s recommended limits, because of the persistent problem of lice, in fact super lice!

The lice hit home

Despite a worldwide louse epidemic, my own family had remained blissfully untouched by the problem for a long time. However, when my daughter reached the age of seven she finally got the little brother she had had on order for a long time. Her only-child world got turned upside down by a boy who initially found life down here very difficult and made sure we all knew about it!

Suddenly she became infested with head lice. Susceptibility is a much-overlooked issue in the lice debate. Why is it that some children and most adults can sit next to someone who is totally infested and emerge unscathed? (Answers below please …) Once we were forced to deal with the problem directly, my husband and I set about investigating the whole subject online.

Stay Tuned

In Homeopathy and Head Lice Prevention Parts 2 + 3 I’ll tell you probably more than you’ll ever want to know about head lice and best of all I’ll tell you how to get rid of them forever! Don’t miss these exciting installments – sign up for my RSS feed (the orange button to the right) and they will be e-mailed to you.

† “Review of Common Therapeutic Options in the United States for the Treatment of Pediculosis capitis” by KN Jones and JC English III.

*All remedies mentioned here are in the Deluxe Kit.

Homeopathy and Head Lice Prevention – Part 2

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