Homeopathy and head injury

Alex, aged 16, in the lead

Just today I got this great tip in an e mail from Motocross Mom Pamela Jeffery that I wanted to share with you all:

“My boys aged 21, 19 and 16 all race motocross. I’ve been using natural remedies for the past 12 years and have found cayenne pepper dabbed on their tongue after a crash will pull them out of shock and trauma.

Call me crazy, but it has alleviated the signs of concussions as well. I also use Arnica along with the pepper. My 21 year old just came home with a puncture wound to his stomach from a clutch lever on his bike. It was 24 hours old by the time I saw it. I soaked the gauze with colloidal silver and looked up “puncture wound”it said to use Calendula ointment and I have been giving him Traumeel tablets. I’m ordering your emergency kit, but praise God in the last 12 years of racing most of my remedies are used on others! Although I always want to be prepared!”

Homeopathy and first aid

Pam’s sons, from left Eric,21, Alex 16 and Lucas,18 pictured here with their Dad, Scott. A handsome group of lads!

As a mother of a dedicated skateboarder I am sure I am just one of many parents out there who will appreciate your cayenne pepper trick, Pamela! For the record, Ledum is a really great puncture wound remedy, so I would give that as well.

Since you’ve brought up the subject of concussion I thought I’d take a quick look at some of the main remedies you might need besides the mighty Arnica, which should always be given after any type of physical shock or trauma. For best results give one pillule and only repeat if the symptoms are clearly better, but then return again.

If the injury give you a throbbing headache try taking Belladonna.

Thankfully most concussions resolve fairly swiftly, but if following a concussion you continue to be plagued by severe head aches take Natrum sulph in a 30c or 200c potency.

Head trauma is often accompanied by whiplash to the neck. Since the neck and spine are very nerve rich areas it is good to give a dose of Hypericum after a concussion, especially if there is any kind of shooting nerve pain.

If it feels as if the injury has also strained the muscles of your neck and back and caused stiffness take a dose of Rhus tox.

If there is a sense that the injury nearly killed you and you feel very fearful even after the immediate danger has passed, take Aconite.

Always remember, these types of injury are potentially dangerous and if you have any concerns please be sure to get things thoroughly checked out by a medical professional. Even if a concussion leads to serious ongoing problems such as memory loss, coma or seizures, homeopathy can still help restore health and well being. In fact it is highly complementary to emergency care, so don’t despair. Seek the help of a qualified homeopath to work alongside the trauma team.

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