Homeopathy has effective Comfort Remedies During Chemotherapy

Homeopathy has effective Comfort Remedies During Chemotherapy.

Homeopathic remedies are very gentle and do not interfere with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. They are a perfect choice for those who are seeking an alternative to conventional “comfort medications.”  

Success depends on individualizing and it’s vital to remember to:

  • Match the symptoms carefully to the best homeopathic medicine you can find.
  • Take one pill of 30c potency.If you feel better, there is no need to repeat unless the same symptoms return.Remember, you may need to switch to a different remedy as the symptoms change, to ensure the remedy continues to be a good match.

Arsenicum album 30c*

The person who needs Arsenicum feels very cold and restless. Emotionally they may feel distraught, anxious, and despairing, especially if left alone. They are thirsty, taking frequent sips of usually warm drinks, but are likely to vomit food and drink as soon as it reaches the stomach. They may also have diarrhea. Although both the discharges and pains are burning, they are relieved by heat.

Cadmium sulphuricum 30c

Works for very violent vomiting especially when the vomit is black; the vomit may also contain tough mucus and there may be retching and gagging. The person may feel so nauseated that they retch at the very touch of food or drink to their lips. They are extremely exhausted and may feel faint. They feel better when they stay still and quiet.

China 30c*

If you suffer intermittent fevers with loss of fluids through sweating, vomiting or diarrhea, think of China. It is the No. 1 homeopathic remedy for dehydration. It will help reduce feelings of over-whelming weakness.

Ipecac 30c*

(the “diluted” homeopathic preparation of Ipecac, not the pure form of Ipecac used to induce vomiting) can be very helpful to relieve nausea that is constant and unrelenting. Think of this remedy when vomiting brings a person no relief from their nausea.

Phosphorus 30c*

This remedy not only helps with the after-effects of general anesthesia but may also help with side effects of chemotherapy. The person feels thirsty for cold water, but vomits it as soon as it becomes warm in the stomach. They may actually feel hungry during the nausea, but are still unable to keep anything down.

Tabacum 30c

The person needing this remedy has tremendous nausea that may feel like motion sickness and be accompanied by vertigo. Cool open air makes them feel better, and they may prefer to be uncovered, even though their skin is cold to the touch. They feel better lying still with their eyes closed.

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