I have a bee in my bonnet!

I have the reputation of being pretty mild-mannered, but when it comes to vaccination:
I have a bee in my bonnet!

I know you’re probably busy, so here’s the skinny on vaccination. If your child, or a child you love is scheduled to have vaccinations soon ( and bear in mind they get one the very day they are born) take a moment to ponder these points.

Your right to informed choice is being trashed

Vaccines carry a risk and yet doctors almost never share the full vaccine insert information with you. This means you don’t know what it contains or what could go wrong. No one is helping you make a truly informed choice, as they are ethically required to do.

The risks of the diseases vaccines supposedly protect your child from are deliberately exaggerated to create a climate of intimidating fear. Those that delay or say no to vaccines are routinely bullied and threatened.

The effects vaccines had on the decline of these diseases and their mortality rates are routinely over-stated.

Meanwhile, the very real risks of vaccination are under-stated. In the event that a child has an adverse reaction to a vaccination the cause of their death or injury is rarely recorded by their doctor or the coroner.

Some countries and States completely ignore human rights and insist on forced vaccination. Currently more are attempting to introduce legislation that removes the right to make informed choice on this medical intervention. This directly contradicts The Nuremberg code and medical ethics.

Pharma, government and media can’t be trusted

There is no clear separation between government agencies and pharmaceutical companies. Government personnel later take up lucrative positions at pharmaceutical companies and often, directly or indirectly, profit from the sale of vaccines.

A culture of secrecy and fraud pervades the sleepy, toothless government watch dogs and the vaccines divisions of pharmaceutical companies. In the US, Dr William Thompson (CDC) and two former Merck employees (now whistle blowers) have all claimed that vaccine data was tampered with.

Corporate control of the media means that there is no balanced reporting of the vaccine debate and a culture of censorship by omission is the norm. For instance, whistle blowers, vaccine injury compensation awards and the stories of tens of thousands of distraught parents receive almost no main stream coverage.

Vaccine schedules – science free zones

Current vaccines schedules include 49 doses of 14 vaccines (by age 6) and 69 doses of 16 vaccines (by age 16). A huge increase since they were first introduced in the early 60s.

There has been no research, at all, into the current vaccine schedules using true placebos (untainted by metals and other noxious substances) and an unvaccinated control group. The science is not in. The science needs to start. The scientist need to be independently funded and allowed to report their results without coercion.

Falsehood in one thing, falsehood in all things

New born babies are vaccinated on the first day of their lives with Hepatitis B despite being at almost no risk because it is a disease contracted through promiscuous sex and sharing dirty needles. This sets alarm bells ringing for many parents and so it should! It’s a legal principle that you can ignore the testimony of anyone who is clearly lying about one thing, on the basis that they are an unreliable source of information.

An emotive call to action examined

Those in favor of vaccinations often raise the issue of immune-compromised people. They point out they are often unable to receive vaccines and may be at risk from un-vaccinated children carrying disease. Yet …

Parents of immune-compromised children in many instances believe that their poor health came about as a result of vaccine damage.

Immune-compromised children (and adults) are also at risk from those who have been given live vaccines and are shedding them. Patients and their guardians are clearly warned about this by their doctors. They are told to avoid anyone one who has been vaccinated for flu, MMR, chicken pox and Rotovirus.

Those who are immune-compromised are also at risk from adults. Many did not get naturally acquired life-long immunity and their current vaccination status is not known because vaccine related immunity wanes and disappears over time.

Given these factors it is safer for immune-compromised children and adults to avoid contact with the general public until their immunity is restored. We all wish them well, but that does not mean we have to put our own children at risk.

If your child “Takes one for the team”

Despite parents’ testimonies that their children died shortly after vaccines there has been no independent research into SIDS and SUIDS and a possible link to vaccination. Meanwhile every day, on average, 12 babies will die in the US, which has the highest number of infant vaccines and the highest infant mortality rate in then Western world.

Those who are vaccine injured are rarely acknowledged, supported and compensated in a timely manner to mitigate the terrible hardship they face. In fact, quite the contrary, they are routinely ignored and shunned.

You and your child are not immune

Many parents of dead or vaccine injured children used to be “pro vaccine.” No one can accurately predict who will become injured or die following a vaccine. Don’t play roulette with your family’s future. It’s up to you to make a proper informed choice, on your own or your child’s behalf, and to protect your legal right to be allowed to do so.

Hopefully I have peeked your curiosity and you will want to learn more, is an excellent starting point for your own investigations. Their advocacy portal will tell you if your rights to religious or philosophical exemptions are currently under threat in your State.

A wise woman once said, “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you mad.” Probably best not to wear a bonnet for a while…

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