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Homeopathy has already made someone’s New Year a happy one.

I was so delighted to receive this e-mail on New Year’s Eve:

“Mary, I went to get an MRI on my hand a few days ago. Today I went in to see the doctor ( to discuss the results.) He said that the cyst is gone. (YAH, HOORAY !!!!!)

There is only a little fatty deposit on the spot where the cyst was which will probably go away in time. So I wanted you to know and thank you for your help. Have a great new year. Mine is starting off awesome.”

Christy Allcroft, Oregon

Christy had first written to me about this problem in mid September:

“Recently I went to the doctor because of a swelling in my hand. It began at the base of my thumb. It was not painful just annoying. But then I noticed that it was growing. My general practitioner told me it was a ganglion cyst and sent me to the hand specialist. He said that he was not so sure that it was such a cyst and thought it could be growing deep within the part of my hand under my thumb. He wants me to have an MRI to actually see what the cyst looks like and where it is located. So I am wondering what you might be able to do to help my with this situation. I have very much appreciated your help in the past and feel that I’m very healthy because of your assistance. I hope you can help me now maybe avoid surgery.”

I told Christy about some recent research that suggests cysts can be a way for the body to protect itself, for instance by creating a cushion around a joint. This research ( http://ard.highwire.org/content/31/3/179.full.pdf ) is in line with holistic healthcare’s philosophy that our bodies are always trying to make the best of a bad situation, but some times get stuck and need some extra help. Happily, in Christy’s case, the area near the cyst was only painful if she did too much in the garden, but it was getting larger and that was worrisome.

What is interesting is that the constitutional remedy that had earlier helped Christy with her respiratory problem, seemed to fit this new symptom very well. I asked her to take more of the same remedy in a 30c. It’s a good potency for physical manifestations like this!

However, by late October, five weeks after taking the remedy, the cyst was bigger and had lengthened by about 1/8 of an inch and was also wider. It was moving towards Christy’s index finger and was also a little more painful.

I asked Christy to wait a while as I thought this may be an aggravation and the benefit of the remedy would follow next. Four weeks later there was a change for the better, the cyst had reduced in size, but then in early December it seemed to increase in size again. Every time the reduction in size stalled or reversed I asked Christy to repeat the remedy and happily in a couple more weeks it was gone and no surgery was necessary.

For me this is one of the really exciting things about finding a good constitutional remedy for someone. Even if completely new symptoms come up they can very often be addressed using the same remedy. How’s that for “Health Insurance” !

It’s also a reminder that in non life-threatening situations it is always worth waiting to see if your body can repair itself with homeopathic support, rather than immediately opting for invasive measures that may have long term unintended and unwanted consequences.

Finally, I want to thank Christy for agreeing to share this lovely bit of news with all of you. Very often people decide to give Homeopathy a try themselves after reading success stories like hers. Do you have a homeopathic success story you would like to share? If so please use the form below to send it to me. Is there some health issue you have resolved to resolve this year? Talk to me about how Homeopathy can help.

Wishing you, your family and friends a very Happy and Healthy New Year,


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